The effects of social media have rapidly changed the way we advertise in the last decades. The cross over between personal lives and business networking has intertwined and become somewhat of the norm. Businesses are now seeing that having an online social presence is a must-have. Why have an influencer marketing campaign? What is a social media influencer?

An example, technology experts are highly regarded for their point of view and knowledge and are established as an influencer. They have a substantial online presence and a large number of followers. In every sector has an influencer that they are a celebrity, blogger, gamer, writer, speaker, analyst or instamodel, the list goes on and hugely regarded in their field.  Once this highly knowledgeable person in their field post out to about their niche subject matter, it is followed by a mass of people. Just by doing this, one post can create a considerable effect on the customer’s purchase decision. Every business online should adopt the influencer marketing techniques into their marketing mix strategy.  Marketing platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and now newly TikTok are intensifying in the popularity of the new generation influencers. By posting instructional, informative, tutorials, how-to videos have gained them, mass followers. Employing a reputable influencer or working together with one, you can easily target your chosen audience a lot quicker and can affect sales margins significantly. It can come at a high cost beforehand, but the results can justify the means.

What would be the main benefits of launching an influencer marketing campaign for the business enterprise? The fundamental advantage is its effectiveness.

We cannot ignore the power of word of mouth marketing; this is still an effective way to get business. It has moved to online that it be in group chats, discussions, feedback sites, influencer marketing is a new digital way of an online word of mouth. It can have a considerable impact on the chosen targeted audience. The outcome can change your business, not just in terms of sales but brand awareness. A significant rise in your search engine ranking can lead to colossal visibility of your website and other social platforms.

Influencer marketing strategies are highly traceable, and this can help identify insights in your marketing plan. What is performing better than others and more in-depth to find out what the consumer is wanting and trending?  There are lots more benefits, finding the right influencer and campaign can be difficult and time costly but once found the results can speak for themselves.

Written by Ruth Nene