We all know how excellent our own services are, and when we get customer feedback to indicate that “recommend” the satisfaction. Just the same way we get excited when people are choosing to follow our business; we have exciting things to say, and they are happy to support us.

We have all been there seeing; people/ businesses with thousands of likes and retweets and feeling envious. That post pops up again saying 1000 followers for just £10 you think, ok this is a good idea. If I have so many followers, it will look like people are really engaging in my business. Everyone is doing it right, so what’s the big deal?

Well let’s break it down a little here, let’s make sense of how these guys/ladies are deceiving and ripping you off.

You pay £10 for 1000 from this person/company/bot which clearly have accounts that are fake/inactive. They gladly take your money; they add the accounts to your chosen platform. Then what? After a day/week/ months, where are the sales? Do you get it now? No customer engagement nothing. It’s the exact same with paying for the follow-backs. They will follow you back but still nothing. No engagement, after that successful transaction you have given them. They are the winners here; you paid for all them inactive account follows from the same person.

The likes, shares, retweets and followers start to financially add up. Basically, we’re back to square one and out of pocket. If your aim is just to have followers, then, of course, this is for you. But remember it’s not real people, they are fake and mostly bots. They are not interested in anything you are trying to say or sell. You know yourself if you follow an account and find out that they were paying for followers or likes etc. you will automatically stop following and discredit them. It the same for you, it is a risk of a damaged business brand.

Considering your customer data, it will also be misleading and inaccurate. When asking questions like “Do customers really like our brand”? “Do they like what we’re selling”? The data you have collected becomes irrelevant, remember they’re not real customers or people following liking or interacting in your posts. Yes, at first you will be happy with the new engagement statistics but after a month or so nothing?

The other catch is; people are becoming more aware that companies/ people are using these kinds of services. It becomes apparent when you have 10,000+ followers on your account but then just getting the few likes per posts. Or people commenting on different posts saying the same thing. People are not stupid; they can put two and two together. Furthermore, social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are becoming awake of fake bots and are shutting accounts down. As a result, this will drop your total number of followers in an instance. Can you see for the genuine followers, how this will look? This can also lead to your account to be blocked and shut down. Is it worth the risk and stress?

Consequently, what can you do now? You still need likes. Retweets. Follows. Take the money and invest it properly in good content, if you do not understand, or have the time to do this; there are plenty of real business/persons whose job it is to do these kinds of things for your business and be successful doing it. Original posts with real customer engagement, which builds brand loyalty, will lead to sales in the end goal. There are billions of active users each month across social media platforms. Postings images, videos, funny or meaningful GIFs. Show your expertise with “how to” short videos on YouTube or Facebook Live, get interaction with quizzes. There are so many things you can do, be different don’t be scared to try new things. Hashtags are a great way of capturing audiences and follows, when people/ businesses like your content they will like and follow you. Remember to jump on what’s trending, and if you can post in real-time with the hashtag, this can boost likes and follows. This can keep your brand looking relevant too. Thus, we can see taking the time to post good fresh content can bring real followers to our businesses to then later lead to growth in sales.

Do you get it now? It is companies/people who are effectively scamming you, making you believe that by having these fake accounts it will credit your business. We know now this is not true. Paying for fake followers does not generate sales. Invest in good, creative social media content and a great marketing plan.

Written by:

Ruth Nene