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Business Consultancy

This is a one to one meeting to discuss and talk about your startup this will give you ideas and options where you need to go from. This will discuss options you have to develop your ideas further. Each section will be briefly discussed and options to purchase fully is available.

Starting Up

You have your idea but you are not sure if you should go ahead with it. This meeting will discuss your ideas and growth possibilities to help the startup, or entrepreneur, settle the all immediate concerns.

What kind of company?

When you’re setting up a new business, one of the major decisions you have to make is the type of company it will be. Each different format has different implications for tax, ownership and responsibility. Find out what tax benefits each provides.

Rent or Buy/ and where?

It pays to consider all options when choosing business premises and not take the first property you see. There are a number of issues you should address when buying or renting a business property. Knowing where is a good place to start what about the people in the area are they going to buy my product/ service.

Time Control/ Daily running

Learn to control your time, you can create a productive working environment for you and your staff. Fail to control it, you can spend your life in a depressing cycle.

Business plan

Decisions you take in the early years of your business can be the most difficult as well as the most important, particularly if you are a first-time startup /entrepreneur. Make those crucial first steps with confidence and have all your business ideas and facts written down this helps with your business goals and raising finance.

Testing your idea

Knowing if people are willing to purchase or use your idea/product before your mass produce and sell is a must. Using strategic methods and research to test everyday buyers through surveys focus groups and meet-ups to see if there is a demand.

Effective PR

There are so many options for your business with the research I have done in the past knowing which will work for your start-up is needed so money and time is not wasted on sales techniques that do not work.

Finance / funding options

When setting up a new business one of the first questions you must answer is ‘Will I need finance to set up my business?’ Where can I get funding from? This might be to fit out a premises, to pay staff while they are training or to buy equipment. Knowing how much you have and how far it will go or how much you need to run efficiently is a must. You can not run and burn out.

Managing change, innovation is key

The rhetoric for change includes words like growth, innovation, outsourcing, redundancy, relocation and diversification. Understanding new trends and technologies which could work for you and knowing when to innovate so your business can grow and adapt to change.

Practical Issues

You’re ready to start your new business; you’ve done your research, tested your product and obtained the best advice you can. There are a few more things you need to consider before you start trading. Like getting help by hiring the right people. Using your busdget wisely on effective but inexpensive ways to help you grow. Knowing how to take the daily grind and effectively spending the work so you are not held down with every thing.

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