Business Plan Writing

  • Taxes and Accounting
  • Analysis of profitability
  • Financial modeling and planning
  • Profit model and much more
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Social Media Marketing

  • A current overview of your media activity with feed back.
  • A bespoke 30-day activity schedule to kick start your activity
  • Customer target profile (Very important to know who your target market is)
  • Complete budget if required (Of all costs of combine social media per month)
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Market Research

  • Calculations on the buy/sale of businesses
  • Crisis Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis
  • Support Contracts and much more
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Business Consultancy

  • Tailored Business plan that are based on your business
  • Social Media MOT: where are you now?
  • Advice on how to grow your social media
  • Everything you need to start up a business
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How can Instagram help for your small business

Lots of people are asking “how can Instagram can help my business”? Well it can. Instagram was used before for selfies but quickly adapted to business sector. You can share picture and short 60 second video’s. This is great for publicity and advertising. First you need to make sure you use the right #tags a...

6 tools for starting your business in 2016

When you are starting up, trying to work out what tools you need to help you grow your business can be daunting task. Well here are just 6 of the tools I think you should use to help you start your business.  A business plan there is no point going forward with no plan to see...

Traditional vs Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in 2016

Lots of people get very confused about traditional and digital (online) marketing. Lots of articles and blogs say that traditional marketing is dead and that it is not needed in this technological world. I thought I would put this to the test and conducted a research on small businesses. The research was done on 100...

Digital Content marketing is big in 2016

We all wonder what the trends will be in 2016. This poll received over 1,500 participants, asking which digital marketing activities they will use. As you can see that content marketing is the highest. Well I can see you asking what is it? Here is the definition Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing...

Must Know Social Media Marketing Hints and Tips 2016

One thing that people seem to get stressed over is the amount of social media marketing. Have you wondered why it costs so much for outsourcing your marketing time and data is a part of this process. Managing so much social media content can be time consuming. I am going to give you a few...

How to break your laziest social media habits

This blog is such a good read it gives us tips to make us more aware of the little things we do when we post on social media. Doing things with out reading them fully, like when you share a posting based on the title and you get some negative feed back and then you...

Business plan hint and tips

  Any one can write a business plan but getting the order and the right information is a must. Have a look at this video which can help you when writing. Still stuck after, get in touch with us we are always here to help.

What is growth hacking?

  Hearing this new buzz word “Growth Hacking” here is a easy video to understand what it is.

A little about Content Marketing for small businesses

  Check out this video below ↓ which gives you a little insight into how content marketing works. Great for small businesses.  


Growth hacking is the new addition to a list of innovative ways to market your products and services at a low cost. According to Wikipedia; Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers...

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