Innovator Unit was founded in 2016 as a division of Kiktronik Ltd, but with over a decade of industry knowledge, with aim of making effective marketing affordable to small & medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. We specialise in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Events Marketing, and Business Start-up consultation. And we blend these factors harmoniously to create the perfect marketing communications for your business, with the aim to help you dominate in your sector. We bring expertise, creativity, and a real business understanding in order to give you optimum results for your marketing budget. Our expertise in building and rebuilding SMEs into formidable brands makes us a trusted marketing partner for your business, so get in touch today and let us help you start to dominate rather than just compete!

  • Business plan writing and review
  • Financial forecasting
  • Raising finance
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Social Media Marketing



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