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Social Media Marketing

This is for startups or businesses who are entering the social media world. Social media can be a big problem when channels are not known. The prices quoted can vary between £1000-£10,000 depending on what you want and whom you go to. Here we make it simple and easy, get you going social media. No fuss we set you up and give you all the information needed to keep on track with a 30-day advertising schedule and if this works for you, you can sign up to our monthly advertising membership pages which are low we won’t change you crazy prices. What is included see below.

  • A current overview of your media activity with feed back.
  • A bespoke 30-day activity schedule to kick start your activity
  • Customer target profile (Very important to know who your target market is)
  • Complete budget if required (Of all costs of combine social media per month)


The social media platforms we use are Facebook, Twitter (Which will be linked), LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat and any other social platform you would like to add.

Remember we have monthly social media marketing campaigns running and also promotional video’s available with the setup of YouTube on request at an additional fee.

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